Date of Birth
Jun 19, 1998
Home Club
Lethbridge College
Years on Team

Coby Iwaasa made his elite international debut at the 2014 Pan Am Championships. He was named to the national team in 2012 as a result of strong placement at the national team selection events and at the Canadian Championships. After representing Canada at the 2015 Pan Am Games Iwaasa moved to Japan and stepped away from the sport for a couple of years. He returned to competition in the fall of 2017, quickly earning a place again on Canada's National Elite Team. Iwaasa has competed for Canada at five junior world championships. He won the title of World Junior Champion in the U16 singles event in 2012. He has medaled in both singles and doubles events at four junior world events and won bronze in singles at the most recent championships. At the national level, Iwaasa holds both Canadian Championships singles and doubles titles. As a junior athlete he also won the 18 & U singles title four times, setting a record for the most number of titles won by the same athlete in that event.

Q & A

Start in Racquetball:  When I was 9 years old, my father would take me to the racquetball club.  Instead of just watching my dad play, I decided that I could have some fun and hit the ball too.  That was the beginning.

Reason for playing:   I play because it is a challenge to me to be the very best.  There is a sense of accomplishment and pride in doing it.  Racquetball is a sport that allows me to control my destiny.

Training habits: 4 to 5 times a week I practice racquetball drills. I then do a half hour of off court fitness training. I also play squash as a cross-training sport.

Best Racquetball moment: Winning the 2012 Junior World Championship.  It was amazing to see the crowd go wild and to realize my dream of being the best in the world.

Non Racquetball Talents: I enjoy playing the piano and social dancing.

When you are not playing Racquetball you are probably: Studying, reviewing Japanese, practicing piano, and playing video games.

What is something that people might not know about you or find surprising? I enjoy dancing and public speaking.

What advice to you have for athletes who want to play at your level? If you work hard, get good coaching, and love the sport – you can do it.

Who has been important in your development as a racquetball athlete? Mike Green helped me develop a powerful serve that became my weapon.  Cliff Swain improved my stroke mechanics and my motivation. People like Marc Couette, Larry Gazelka, Glen Yaretz, Mike McPhee and Ross Richardson gave me insight and guidance on how to play better. Barbara May of the Alberta Racquetball Association has always been supportive in helping with the funding necessary to receive my training.


 Bronze 2015 Pan Am Games Men’s Team Event
 Silver 2018 Canadian Championships Men’s Open Singles
 Gold 2018 Canadian Championships  Men’s Open Doubles
 Gold 2015 Canadian Championships  Men’s Open Singles
 Gold 2015 Canadian Championships  Men’s Open Doubles
 Bronze 2014 Canadian Championships  Men’s Open Singles
 Bronze 2013 Canadian Championships  Men’s Open Singles
 Gold 2013 Canadian Championships  Men’s Open Doubles